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A Christmas Shopping List

13 DecCommunity / Events

When Christmas looms with no ideas Or presents inspiration lacks Don't fret! Don't fear! We're here to help! Te Manawa takes up the slack A shopping list we've here prepared All things...

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The Painter in the Painting

3 NovEvents / Exhibitions

On 5 September, artist Euan Macleod (above, at left) and his friend, curator Gregory O'Brien, gave a talk in Gallery One, discussing the works of the Painter exhibition. This is the text of that...

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Prepare to receive boarders

8 JunCommunity / Events

The board games renaissance has been going on for more than twenty years. It continues to gather strength to this day. This Sunday 10 December, join the revolution, as Te Manawa begins a new...

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The thief who came in from the cold

23 FebEvents / Exhibitions

With just a few days left in Dinosaur Encounter, our blog series finally arrives at Oviraptor, perhaps the most hard-done-by of our dinos. It has a face only a mother could love, getting a raw...

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Join the club!

8 FebEvents / Learning and Discovery

Not every herbivorous dinosaur had a defensive arsenal like that of Triceratops. Its “shield and spikes” ensemble was a bit all-or-nothing: if the predator managed to get past it, you were...

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Photographs and Pineapple Lumps

22 JunEvents / Exhibitions

Kali Kopae, Hilda Trujillo and Lyndee-Jane Rutherford at Te Manawa Wellington-based actor and director Lyndee-Jane Rutherford came to the opening of Frida Kahlo - Her Photos in March. Now,...

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Let’s make some future

26 MayCommunity / Events / Learning and Discovery

The speeches are over, and the student body has diffused out into Te Manawa's corners, to different pockets of zine-making creativity, hands poised, tools at the ready, minds afire with the...

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Changing times, changing minds

27 JanEvents

What does Waitangi Day mean to you? “In 2016 I think it’s an opportunity for us as a community to come together and look at issues, to be kind to each other, to perhaps share with each...

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Shoot for the moon

23 SepCommunity / Events

This Photo Contest is now closed. Thanks to all of our wonderful entries. You can see our winners here. Have you ever looked at one of those pictures in National Geographic and been inspired...

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Rugby Tales of Old

28 AugCommunity / Events / Exhibitions

It’s obvious from the moment you approach the Te Manawa complex that rugby and history are deeply interconnected here. The statue of Charles Monro greets you, captured as he accelerates across a...

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Walking in a Short-Wavelength Wonderland

1 JulCommunity / Events

There are lasers painting a multi-coloured constellation on the atrium ceiling. Bathed in red and purple light, I get into the swing of things, offering up my arm to be drawn on in invisible ink....

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A Matter of Light and Death

26 MayCommunity / Events

For the Mesoamerican people, the astronomer was a person who tossed his eyes to the sky, and the stars were the eyes of the sky. The Aztec sun stone – also known as the calendar stone – is...

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