Join us for the
School Holidays!

Psst! Can you keep a secret? It’s the school holidays at Te Manawa Museum and we’re looking for secret agents to help us solve mysteries! Explore the galleries, find hidden clues, and solve puzzles to be in to win some secret prizes. All activities are gold coin donation unless otherwise stated.

Illustration of a pink rubber duck on a plain green background

8 - 19 JulySelf-Led Duck Hunt - Be in to Win!

Rubber ducks have invaded Te Manawa and we need your help to find them! Grab your entry form from the front desk and go in the draw to win a $100 voucher to spend at the Te Manawa shop.
abstract illustration of eyes and moa footprints

8 July | 11am - 12.30pm | 1.30pm - 3pmMeet The Moa

Ever met a Moa in person? Now you can! This school holidays, join puppeteer, Anna Bailey for her larger-than-life interactive Moa puppet show at Te Manawa. This activity is free to attend.
Conceptual illustration of a black keyhole with an eye in it under a lamp

9 July | 10am -12.30pmCurious Objects

Explore a collection of handling objects, from the everyday to the more obscure, using multiple senses. Take a trip through the 'Journeys' exhibition with a lucky-dip scavenger hunt.

10 July | 10am - 12.30pmMagic Laundry

Create your own crafty creatures and learn how to 'make do' with heritage wooden pegs. From butterfly pegs to fairies to secret agents, what will your crafty creature be?
Illustration of a blue and white diamond on a black background

11 July | 10am - 12.30pmWhat's Behind The Door?

Make a sign for your bedroom using coloured + metallic papers inspired by Ron Te Kawa's dazzling quilts. If you enjoy sparkles and decorating, this activity is for you!
Abstract illustration of a face with glasses and moustache on an orange background

12 July | 10am -12.30pmThe Science of Sound

From ooblic speakers, slinky boxes and tuning forks to OH2 sound crafts, discover the secret science of sound in this hands-on science activity. Designed by our science curator, this activity is sure to please.
illustration of eyes on an orange background

15 July | 10am - 12.30pmOld School & Boardgames

Join our Heritage curator for old-school lessons in the Awahou South Schoolhouse. Take a trip down memory lane and try your hand at board games from times gone by - no PlayStation here!
Illustration of two keyholes made to look like characters with eyes

16 July | 10am - 12.30pmOptical Mysteries

Join us for an eye-bending activity where you'll explore optical illusions. Learn how optical illusions can trick your eyes and then craft your own captivating illusions. This fun and educational experience will spark your creativity.
Illustration of a treasure chest on a plain blue background

17 July | 10am -12.30pmSecret Maps & Treasure Chests

In this activity, tamariki will explore different maps and learn how to hunt for treasure. Then they'll have fun designing own secret maps and treasure chests to take home.
Abstract illustration of a yellow keyhole with an eye on a plain green background

18 July | 10am - 12.30pmSecret Masterpieces

Unleash your inner Da Vinci in our Secret Masterpieces art activity! Explore famous works of art, then create your own secret masterpiece using different techniques and materials.
Illustration of a binocular view of the ocean at night

19 July | 10am - 12.30pmKinex Creations

Is it a bridge. Is it a plane? Maybe a cat? Come along to a morning all about building things with Kinex. What will you create? Shhh! It's a secret...