ART @ Te Manawa

After school art classes at Te Manawa are for young creative hands and minds from ages 6 to 12, running from 3.45pm – 4.45pm every Wednesday.

In Term Four we will explore what it is that motivates artists to make the art that they make. We’ll look at art from our exhibitions to inspire our creativity: big bold bronze sculptures, intimate portraiture, designs inspired by our ancestors and architecturally designed buildings. Children will work in paint, drawing and even sculpture.

$100 per child for the full term (11 October – 13 December). Email or call 0800-4-A-MUSEUM to sign up. Spaces are limited; programme payment must be made to secure booking.

Booking Terms and Conditions


Enrolment Process

  • Te Manawa Learning Programmes (School Holidays) Form must be completed for any child/ren who are attending prior to attending the programme.
  • The Te Manawa Learning Programmes (School Holidays) Form must include the following information:
    • Emergency Contact Details – Please note in the event of a medical emergency we will contact the appropriate services.
    • Contact details of the child/ren including any special requirements including but not limited to behavioural, medical, learning or other.
  • Te Manawa Medical Response Form must also be completed if your child/ren are required to take any medication while onsite.

Payment and Absences

Bookings are not guaranteed until payment is made, and payment must be received at least 3 days before the date of the programme to allow time for waitlisted persons to be contacted and offered the space.

Payments for school holiday bookings are non-refundable.  However, credits may be granted against another session when:

  • More than two full working days notice is given of non-attendance;
  • 24 hours notice is given of non-attendance if credible circumstances apply ie. accidents resulting in injury, serious illness, etc.
  • No credits apply for non-attendance on the day, with or without advice.


  • Te Manawa may collect and store information from this form to provide reporting evidence to third parties such as regulatory bodies (Ministry of Educator or the New Zealand Council of Educational Research) for funding and statistical data. In signing the Te Manawa Learning Programmes (School Holidays) Form I authorise such disclosure.

Media and Images

  • I consent to Te Manawa photographing Learning Programme (After School) activities and understand that these may include my child. I authorise Te Manawa to store and/or reproduce these images either in print or electronically for any purpose as deemed suitable by the organisation, including marketing and promotion, for a period of not more than five years.

Behavioural Rules

  • I consent that my child/ren will follow all appropriate instructions of Te Manawa staff and/or volunteers, including but not limited to activity instructions and/or emergency procedures.
  • I agree to collect my child/ren from the programme should any issue arise where Te Manawa are concerned about the general health, safety and wellbeing of my child/ren and or the other child/ren participating in the programme.
  • I undertake to actively supervise any child/ren in my care who are not enrolled in a Te Manawa Learning Programme (School Holiday) while on Te Manawa grounds.
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