Ngā Akoranga

Te Manawa provides learning opportunities from early childhood to adult. Our engaging and relevant programmes are tailored to meet differing needs. All education programmes must be booked in advance.

After School Creative Kids

A class for kids to use a variety of media and enhance their artistic abilities. $100 per term, booking required. Ages 5+

  • Tuesdays 3.45 – 4.45pm
  • Fridays 3.45 – 4.45pm

Discover and unlock the secrets of the world around us!

After School Science Club

Ages 8+, $50 per child, per term.

  • Wednesdays, fortnightly from 2 May, 3.45 – 4.45

After School Junior Science

Ages 5 – 7, $50 per child, per term.

  • Wednesdays, fortnightly from 9 May, 3.45 – 4.45

After School Robotics Club

Learn robotics basics using our fleet of VexIQ bots in a series of fun and engaging challenges. $110 per child, per term. Ages 8+

  • Thursdays 3.45 – 5.15pm

Te Reo Māori

Learn Te Reo Māori in our fun and friendly workshops. Ages 11+, $100 per child, per term.

  • Tuesdays 3.45 − 4.45pm

NOA – Open Studio

Nau mai, haere mai! Come join NOA for facilitated drawing sessions in the Te Manawa foyer on Tues and Thurs 10-12,12-30-2.30. Mixed ability, all welcome! Supported by IHC New Zealand.

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Group visits

Te Manawa provides interesting, engaging and relevant experiences, with programmes tailored to meet differing needs. Make the most of your group visit to Te Manawa by booking an education programme, led by one of our experienced educators.

To find out what programmes are available, and which ones will suit your school the most, contact the Learning team at learning@temanawa.co.nz

Planning Your Visit

We aim to make your visit to Te Manawa as hassle free as possible and provide a high quality learning experience for you. Please take the time to plan your visit, inform us of your needs and contact us if you have any questions about your visit.

All groups must book regardless of whether your visit involves an education programme or is a self-led experience of our galleries. It helps us accommodate your numbers and welcome you into our engaging spaces.

Click here for visitor information for public and groups.