General Enquiries

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Seven Days* – 10am – 5pm


Chief Executive: Andy Lowe

Executive Assistant: Julie Bowe
DDI: 06-351-4491

Collections and Exhibitions: Jeff Fox
DDI: 06-352-8742

Finance and Corporate Services: Catherine Parsons
DDI: 06-351-4495

People and Partnerships: Janet Ellery
DDI: 06-352-8764


Facilities: Neil Martin
DDI: 06-352-8726

Visitor Engagement: Jenny Ngan
DDI: 06-351-4490

Bookings and venues: Anne-Marie Langvad
DDI: 06-352-8739

Online bookings

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Marketing and Communications: Graeme Beal
DDI: 06-351-4493

Brand resources and enquiries

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Learning & Curiosity Experience: Jaime Court
DDI: 06-351-4490

Information for schools

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Production and Technical: Graeme Slimin 

From 3 December, visitors to Te Manawa must present their valid 'My Vaccine Pass' at point of entry.