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Wildlife Photographer of the Year
The world-renowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year comes to Palmerston North from the Natural History Museum in London. It is the most prestigious photography event of its kinds, providing a global platform that showcases the natural world's most astonishing and challenging sights for more than 50 years. Using photography's unique emotive power to engage and inspire audiences, the images provide an annual snapshot of the "state of the global environment" and the diversity of life in all corners of the Earth, facing the challenges of an uncertain future.
A woman's tattooed arm holds a felt pincushion defiantly aloft

3 April - 19 SeptemberSuffrage in Stitches

Suffrage in Stitches is a textile work 300 metres long honouring the women and men who signed the 1893 Suffrage petition. It’s the work of 546 individuals, families and groups from New Zealand and beyond, of all ages and abilities, during the 125th anniversary year of women’s suffrage in New Zealand. Developed and toured by Wellington Museum in partnership with Vinnies Re Sew.
A veteran sits in his living room surrounded by photographs

1 May - 15 AugustOperation Grapple

Photographic portraits with the moving stories of 19 New Zealand nuclear test veterans who participated in "Operation Grapple" - codename for a series of nuclear tests carried out in the Pacific from 1957-58.

Every dayCollection: Gallery 2

Gallery Two is where “the democracy of the rack” rules. Every season, works from the Te Manawa collection are displayed on large racks, exactly how they’re housed in the collection store. This creates a mix of works spanning a range of decades and artists, and by periodically rotating works in and out of storage, the visiting public will eventually get to see every piece of framed or large art that Te Manawa looks after.