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Taking a great wildlife photo

Keen to enter the Manawatū Wildlife Photography Competition but not sure how to get that perfect shot? We asked members of the Manawatū Camera Club if they could pass some of their experience on to you; here are seven of their top tips.

Get down to eye level with your subject
For the most part, we look at the world standing up. We are used to looking down on ducks and cats. But when we photograph them from this angle, they feel smaller, less important. When we photograph animals at their eye level, we have a chance to see them in a new and more engaging way. Want to play with this idea even more? Get lower than eye level and look up at the subject, and see how that changes the feel of your images.

Don’t try to get everything right the first time
Capture loads of images, look at them and think: what is one thing I could change to make it better? Now try again. You will be surprised how quickly your images improve.

Get closer, fill the frame with your subject to show detail and impact
The smaller the subject is in the frame, the more other elements in the image vie for attention. Choose your subject and show us what you saw. Our cameras are capable of capturing fine details with amazing clarity. Use as much of the image as you can to show us this beautiful creature. Of course, as you get closer there is more chance of the animal running away, but take it slowly and you might be amazed.

Keep it simple
This is similar to the point above, but this time we are not talking about the subject. We are talking about everything else in the image. By having fewer elements in your image, there will be fewer distractions. This will help your subject stand out even more.

Do your research
If you know what you want to photograph, then a little research might help you turn up at the best times. Take the time to learn a little about your subject, and you might be surprised how much easier it makes the process.

Get inspired by taking time looking at images that you would love to have made
What do you like about them? What tips could you take and use in your own images? Think of one thing you could change in your images to make them better and then give it a try.

Join a camera club
If you want to continue improving then it helps to be around people that share the same goal. It is far easier to learn together than it is to learn on your own. If you live in the Manawatū then search for the Manawatū Camera Club on Facebook or visit our website.

Entries for the Manawatū Wildlife Photography competition close on 25 June

A cute jumping spider on the edge of a green leaf