Do you have creative flair and keen powers of observation? Can you stop an animal in its tracks with the click of a button? Capture the scenic grandeur of the wider Manawatū? Help us understand our relationships with the natural world through stunning digital images?

While the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is open at Te Manawa, a local wildlife photographic competition will run in parallel. Hosted by Te Manawa and judged by the Manawatū Camera Club, it’s open to amateur photographers living in the Manawatū.

There will be cash prizes for best overall entry, best image by a photographer under 16, best image in each of four subject categories, and a popular choice image selected by viewers online.
Overall Award winner will receive $1000, Under-15 years of Age Award $500, Popular Choice Award $500 and Merit Awards for best image in each of the four categories of $250 each. The winning images will be displayed on the Te Manawa website between 7 July and 25 October; the best images will feature in a special edition of the 2022 Te Manawa calendar.

Stay alert, keep your eyes open, your camera handy, and good luck!

Competition open 17 April – 25 June

Four subject categories:

  • Animals
  • Plants and landscape
  • Backyard wildlife
  • Human impact on the environment

Entry is free

Check out the Conditions of Entry and Entry form below.

Conditions of entry

ENTRIES: Up to two (2) images per category per entrant may be submitted


  1. Any original photograph captured during the period 17 April – 25 June 2021 by an amateur photographer living in the Manawatū-Whanganui region may be entered.
  2. For the purpose of this competition you are considered ‘professional’, and therefore ineligible to enter, if you derive 20% or more of your income from your photography sales and work.
  3. Photographs must be taken within the Manawatū-Whanganui region. See attached map which for the purposes of this competition defines the Manawatū Region.
  4. Photographs must report on the natural world in a way that is creative, honest, and ethical. Entries must not deceive the viewer or attempt to disguise and / or misrepresent the reality of nature. The photograph must be a true representation of natural form, behaviour or phenomenon.
  5. Digital adjustments are only acceptable if limited to the following adjustments, comparable to traditional film processing techniques: minor cleaning work, levels, curves, Colour saturation and Contrast work. Compositing and multiple exposures are not allowed.
  6. For the purpose of this competition ‘wildlife’ excludes domestic, captive, or restrained animals; animal models and taxidermy animals; and cultivated plants. The only exception is when photographing a specific issue or subject related to the ‘Human impact on the environment’ category. The ‘Backyard’ category excludes domesticated plants and animals.
  7. Entries that do not comply with the Rules and Submission Criteria will not be accepted
  8. All photographs will be subjected to selection. The decisions of the judging panel are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  9. For each category up to 10 photographs will be shortlisted for awards
  10. Photographs shortlisted for awards by the judges may be displayed by Te Manawa at the sole discretion of Te Manawa. At the very least shortlisted images will be displayed on Te Manawa digital platforms. 13 images will be selected by Te Manawa and the competition judges for a special edition of the 2022 Te Manawa calendar. Images selected will include the Overall award winner, the Under-15 award winner, and the Popular choice winner.
  11. The Popular choice award winner will be selected by number of votes or likes from among the shortlisted photographs submitted online via links provided on Te Manawa website and Facebook page. The shortlisted photographs will be posted on these platforms from 1 July with voting available for two weeks until 15 July.
  12. Award winners may be required on request to supply the original source of their photograph as RAW or TIF digital files. If the original source of the photograph is a film negative or transparency, then the entrant will be required to submit these as scanned images.
  13. Staff and families of Te Manawa Museums Trust and the competition judges are not eligible to enter the competition.

ETHICS: The welfare of animals and plants and the preservation of their environment is paramount. Photographers must not upset or stress animals to get the photograph. The photographer is responsible for ensuring full compliance with any applicable legislation and for securing relevant permits.  If cruel or unethical practices are suspected by Te Manawa or any of the judges, the entry will be disqualified.

SUBMISSION CRITERIA: All entries must be submitted as jpeg files of not more than 10mb in size. Larger images will not be accepted. Each entry must be submitted with a completed Competition Entry Form. You may enter up to two (2) images per category, but the same image cannot be submitted for more than one category. Entries are to be submitted digitally via the Te Manawa website.

LABELLING: each digital jpeg image must be named in the following way: [your Surname-Category-Title of photograph]. Other details on the Competition Entry form must be completed, especially Location.

COPYRIGHT / IMAGES: Copyright remains with the photographer. However, any work received into the competition may be used for promotional purposes by Te Manawa. Appropriate attribution will be given to the photographer if images are displayed on Te Manawa digital platforms, in any physical display of images, and in the 2022 calendar featuring 13 images selected from the competition.

NOTIFICATION: Te Manawa will issue an automatic notification upon receipt of entries

PRIZES: An awards presentation will be held at Te Manawa at 2pm on Saturday 17 July.

Privacy Statement


  • Collection, storage and use of personal information

You can use this site — including completing user research tasks — without disclosing any personal information.

You choose to disclose personal information to us when you submit your entry into the Manawatū Photography Competition. This information can be viewed by site/competition administrators from both Te Manawa and the Manawatū Camera Club.

  • Holding of information

If you provide personal information, it may be shared with third-parties to the extent necessary to administer the competition. Contact information including phone numbers, postal addresses and e-mail addresses are not made available to the public. Unless required by law, we won’t publicise the details of individuals who provide feedback to us or who provide us with submission forms without their consent.

  • Use of personal information

We’ll only use personal information provided to us for the purpose of administering, the Competition, and communicating with you, including responding to information provided in submission forms.

Eligibility Map

A map of the wider Manawatū region
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