What to include

Your proposal needs to provide an outline and details of an exhibition or programme. It should include:

  • A short biography and/or CV
  • A description of your/the artists’ past and current art practice or interests
  • An explanation of your concept, purpose and ideas
  • Indicative costs
  • Status of the work and materials

Make sure your description helps to ensure that the assessment panel gets a clear sense of what your exhibition would contain. Some other things to consider:

  • How does your exhibition connect to the local communities that Te Manawa serves?
  • What practicalities such as preferred dates, dimensions, number of works need to be considered?
  • Who is the key audience for your exhibition?
  • Where else have you exhibited recently?

It is helpful to include:

  • Images of your work, either dropped to reception or emailed in jpeg form.
  • A physical description of the work you would like to exhibit (approximate dimensions, medium etc.).
  • An estimation of resources that would be required should the exhibition be approved i.e. display requirements, plinths
  • Any possible workplace, health and safety issues with the artworks.
  • Time frame. When you would like this exhibition to happen