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Discovery Time

Revisit our Discovery Time activities. Learn about everything from Joygerms to Boro - you can even have a go at making your own!


Have a go at these online puzzles featuring the Palmerston North Centennial Parade from 1971

More puzzles!

Have a go at these online puzzles featuring some of favourite objects from the Curious Contraptions exhibition!

Creative Kids – Sharing your story

In 2021, Te Manawa was kaitiaki to a number of beautiful embroidered panels as part of the show Suffrage in Stitches, developed by Wellington Museum and upcycling collective Vinnies Re Sew. The display honours our whakapapa, history and the power of New Zealanders through 300 metres of embroidered works. These works tell the stories of 546 individuals, families and groups whose action won suffrage for women in 1893. Today we ask you to share your story using the grid template below to design your own panel of work. What symbols will you use to tell your story?

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  • Think of each square as an area for one stitch.
  • What part of your history do you want to share?
  • What is important to you and your family?

Simple Machines

Simple machines are machines that we use to make work easier. Try your hand at some of these activities inspired by the automata in our Curious Contraptions exhibition!
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RubyDax explores the collection

Do you need a bit of sparkle? Have you caught our new 4-minisode series on Youtube? The fabulous RubyDax gets the scoop on some exquisite shoes from yesteryear in the Te Manawa collection.

Kids' Quiz - Curious Contraptions

This quiz about contraptions, machinery and gadgets is made specially for kids

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Kids' Quiz - Bugs

Test your knowledge of tiny creatures with this quiz for kids.

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Kids' Quiz - Dinosaurs

Reckon you know a thing or two about dinosaurs?


Quiz - Curious Contraptions

This Curious Contraptions quiz will test your knowledge of machines and gizmos.

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Quiz - Bugs

How much do you know about the world of bugs?

Some dinosaurs

Quiz - Dinosaurs

A quiz to test the most devoted dino enthusiast.