You are a part of history, and so Te Manawa wants to collect objects that relate to your experiences.

What are we looking for?

‘The Covid-19’ will be a collection of 19 objects that tell us what life was like during the lockdowns of 2020, 2021, and subsequent ‘traffic light’ era. Like a pandemic-themed time capsule, objects selected for the Covid-19 collection will allow future Te Manawa visitors to understand how the daily lives of people in Manawatū were affected by the global onset of disease.

You can help us build this collection from scratch by offering your own Covid-related objects for donation. Your object can be from any time period, by any maker, purchased in Palmy or ordered online, so long as it tells a special story about your experience during the pandemic.

Simply complete an application form, being sure to tell us the full ‘story’ behind your object. Each submission will be reviewed by our Collections team and 19 objects will be chosen to enter the Te Manawa collection as a piece of our region’s history.

What will we do with your form once it’s submitted?

Applications submitted via the portal will be held until XXX date, while we assess all entries.
If your object is selected for the Te Manawa collection, a member of the Te Manawa team will contact you to advise of next steps. Please be aware that objects must be gifted to the collection – we cannot offer compensation.

All objects offered for donation must go through an approval process (we cannot accept all items offered).
Please fill in the form below with your Covid 19 object and story.