During the years of the Holocaust, the Nazi regime in Germany oversaw the killing of six million Jews and millions more Romani, Poles, Russians, LGBTQ people and disabled people. This exhibition remembers the 1.5 million of these victims who were children.   

The New Zealand Children’s Holocaust Memorial is a collection of 1.5 million buttons, gathered from all over the world. Each one represents a child who perished. It illustrates the sheer vastness of the number of children killed, and ensure they will not be forgotten. It was established to honour and give a voice to the children, and serve as a reminder to stand up to prejudice, discrimination and apathy.

Chris Harris, chief executive of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, stands with the memorial

I would say that the enduring lesson of the Holocaust for New Zealanders is a preparedness to stand up to discrimination and prejudice in all forms; in essence, to be an upstander not bystander

Chris Harris, Chief Executive, Holocaust Centre of New Zealand


Holocaust survivor, the late Inge Woolf, worked with the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand to prepare the memorial.