Temporary Collecting Moratorium

Temporary collecting moratorium through to 30 June 2020

Thank you for your interest in donating or lending an object, taonga, artwork or archival item(s) to Te Manawa.

At this time, Te Manawa is not accepting gifts or loans to its collection. The acquisition of new items is being deferred until 1 July 2020 to allow museum staff to perform a full assessment of the heritage collection. Once this assessment is completed Te Manawa will have a full and clear understanding of its collecting needs and goals, ownership responsibilities, and storage needs for collection items.

Limited Exceptions 

We invite you to complete the attached Application for consideration for the collection so that your items may be considered for addition to the collection from July 2020. There are instructions included within the application regarding where the application should be sent.

Exceptions to the temporary collecting moratorium may be made for items of outstanding artistic merit, historical importance or heritage value to the Manawatū.

Donation alternatives

There are other local museums and national institutions who may consider accepting your donation or loan. For paper-based archival material of historical significance to the Manawatū region we recommend you contact Ian Matheson city archives, part of Palmerston North City Council by email heritage@pncc.govt.nz, or call 06-351 4100 and ask to speak to the heritage team.  .


Please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Fox, Manager Collections at Jeff.fox@temanawa.co.nz  or Cindy Lilburn, Collection Manager Heritage at Cindy.lilburn@temanawa.co.nz with any questions you may have regarding this temporary collecting moratorium.