Join us for the
School Holidays!

We’re filling the two weeks of school holidays with exciting and engaging hands-on activities. Lots of them are themed around space exploration to coincide with the “Tūhura Tuarangi – Aotearoa in Space” exhibition that’s open throughout.

All activities are drop-in and gold coin entry except where noted.

Image of a boat splashing into water

23 & 24 SEP | 10AM - 3PMWater Room

Head to the Water Room to run cool experiments in a flowing current that simulates actual river and flood conditions.
a girl with pink hair in a pink hoodie wears a virtual reality visor.

25 & 27 SEP; 4 & 6 OCT | 10AM - 3PMVirtual Reality

Pull on a VR headset and launch into space for a thrilling journey of exploration.
a close-up of a pile of k'nex pieces of different bright colours

25 SEP | 10AM - 3PMSpace K'Nex

Rummage in our huge K'Nex collection for the perfect part to build the spaceship of your dreams.
Cartoon aliens stand next to the Earth.

26, 27 & 28 SEP; 3, 4 & 5 OCT | 11AM & 1PM | AGES 6-12Perfect Little Planet

In this special Yorb Cosmodome presentation, follow a family of aliens around the galaxy as they look for the best place to live. Spaces are limited for each showing.
illustration of cute robots

26 & 28 SEP; 3 OCT | 10AM - 3PMRobot Rovers

Make a robotic rover by decorating one of our Edison robots with Lego blocks then send it out to explore its environment. It’ll use its special robot sensors to navigate but it may need a bit of help from you!
A graphic of a space shuttle surrounded by colourful planets.

27 SEP | 10AM - 3PMSpace Crafts

Get your hands on Te Manawa's huge supply of crafting materials and make your creative space ideas come true. Aliens, rocketships or planets - the sky's the limit!

29 SEP | 10AM - 3PMBetter Blocks

We're back building space vehicles, but this time it's using Better Blocks!

30 SEP | 10.30AM & 11.30AM | AGES 2-8 | FREEThe Adventures of Tahi & Kōwhai

Little Barking Dog Theatre returns with an enchanting puppet tale of two hoiho (yellow-eyed penguins) who adventure around Aotearoa together. This event is free to attend and no booking is needed.

1, 7 & 8 OCT | 10AM - 3PMTūhura Tuarangi

Enjoy a hosted tour of the Tūhura Tuarangi - Aotearoa in Space exhibition.
A large satellite in space.

2 OCT | 10AM - 3PMBuild a Satellite

Have you ever seen a satellite passing in the sky as it makes its orbit of the Earth? Here's your chance to make one of your own.
An orange and yellow rocketship flies through space.

4 OCT | 10AM - 3PMBuild a Rocket

Join the space race and build a launchable rocket. Huff and puff and see how high you can get it to fly!