Discovery Time

Although Te Manawa is temporarily closed, we’re still working on bringing you exciting and fun educational content. We can’t meet your smiling faces in person, so instead we’ll share some activities with you here – you can download, print and enjoy with the whole whānau.

Sri Lanka: My beautiful ‘teardrop pearl’

Our educator Himani takes us on a Discovery Time tour of her beautiful home country, Sri Lanka. What does the culture of this special place have in common with some of the stories we know well – such as how Māui slowed the sun?
Why are the sun and moon so special? What is ‘thovil’ and why do dancers wear such colourful and unusual masks? Come on a trip with us and learn more!

SRI LANKA – Discovery Time – 1 May

Download and print your own elephant to colour

Treasured patches

Save up those fabric scraps and patches – because ‘boro’ is in fashion! What is it? Boro is the name for textiles or fabrics that have been mended and patched together. The idea or reason behind doing this is the Japanese concept of ‘mottainai’, which means treasuring things that are too precious to waste. Find out about boro, sashiko stitches and upcycling in this week’s Discovery Time!

BORO – Discovery Time – 24 April 2020

A special pair of shoes

What’s the toughest pair of shoes you own? Are they as strong as wood? Find out more about wooden shoes, their strength, their uses, their intricate designs… and their secrets!

WOODEN SHOES – Discovery Time – 17 April 2020



Come and meet the smallest living things. They’re wild and wacky – some are friendly and others aren’t! Welcome to the world of microbiology!

MICROBIOLOGY – Discovery-Time-10 April, 2020


Joy Germs

Have you ever heard of a ‘Joy Germ?’. Why do we need to be so careful about spreading germs? How do vaccines work?

JOY GERMS – Discovery Time – 3 April 2020

Te Reo Māori: JOY GERMS – Discovery Time – 3 April 2020 – Te Reo Māori