Stories - February 2021
Ngā Kōrero


What’s up with Wētā?

26 FebExhibitions

All New Zealanders know the wētā, whether from meeting one up close, seeing one on TV, or because our largest exporter of digital effects is named after one. There are a whopping 70 species...

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Roaches rule, OK

19 FebExhibitions

Cockroaches don’t have a lot of good press. They’re regarded as dirty and invasive. Even the scientific name for their order, Blattodea, feels like it’s getting grubby footprint

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A very Westie spider

5 FebExhibitions / Learning and Discovery

The Avondale spider is our only eight-legged guest in BUGS! Our Backyard Heroes. Wētā are easy to look after because you can just give them some veges – and cockroaches will eat any old...

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