The Return of the Christmas shopping list, part 2

7 DecCommunity

The Special Christmas wishlist continues!

(don’t forget part 1)

Another list we’ve got for you
In case ideas are running low
It’s filled with goodies that we have
For just in case you didn’t know

Jumping decorations ($9)

These simple gifts are more than just
Some static thingies: look and see
They jump, they bounce! It’s pretty neat
Some animation for your tree

Articulated dinosaurs ($14-$21)

Perhaps you must go back in time
For perfect gifts – we’re in the know
A Bronto; bright Dimetrodon;
A T-rex shouting “WHAT ARE THOSE”

Iconic diaries ($42)

The picture of a perfect summer
In Aotearoa’s an easy spot
Behold these Kiwi icons bound
In notebook form – you’ll want the lot!

Pīwakawaka plush ($9.5)

Our native birds make daily life
In cities, towns and rural zones
Quite nice; though this one doesn’t sing,
It’s soft; imagine all those dulcet tones

Pūkeko decorations ($5)

To give your tree je n’ais se quois
Are bells and baubles still enough?
You need pūkeko’s helping hand
So bright! So blue! (and very tough)

The Modern Home mugs ($25)

The ’70s are everywhere
In chairs and tables; circles, curves
For those who love the orange/brown
They’re on these mugs for you to serve

Miromoda Tiki Tie ($59)

The retro flavour’s lined in gold
And paisley’s got a Kiwi taste
This dapper tiki’s great for biz
So get your own one now – make haste!

ThreadedStitch Tote Bags ($33)

The birds return, on totes this time
The softest way to move your things
And pretty too! It’s all you’ll need
It almost makes the tūi sing

Bacon’s World Map ($17)

Aged things are cool and maps are too
Geography to make you smile
(‘cept Canada’s really not that big
Neither’s Greenland – it’s olden-style)

Tākaro Tribe shirts ($25)

These bilingual kids have shirts for you
And all those in your house, you see
Tamariki, Mum and koro too
They’re pretty cool. Ka mau te wehi!