The Return of the Christmas Shopping List

25 OctCommunity / Events

A Special Christmas Wishlist – Get your stocking-stuffers now…

The Christmas season’s almost here
Towards the tree your thoughts should turn
The space beneath its boughs must fill
So we set forth a list to learn

Of gifts to please the pickiest
With styles of new and old combined
We’ve retro, modern, in-between
All things for you to think: “that’s mine!”

1. Classic Transform-its ($15)

They start out square with even sides
Up front, their face provides a clue
To what they’ll be once twists and turns
Have shown us limbs and bodies too

2. Transform-it Robots ($20)

If bigger’s better, here’s your thing:
Some robots with a keen disguise
Fire-trucks, cars and blue police
The limit’s somewhere near the sky

3. Kererū plush ($19)

This hefty boi has just been crowned
By Aotearoa’s annual poll
The country’s foremost native bird
To have your own should be your goal!

4. Magic Show ($20)

Christmas Day can be a slog
Once stuff’s unwrapped, the mind, it drifts
Keep the whanau focused then
With magic, tricks and other gifts

5. Make & Do kits ($19/$13.5)

This year the power’s in your hands
To make and do, as you desire
So many crafts, it’s hard to choose
But all of them are good to try

6. Money-box Owls ($20)

Your coins should stay in a safe place
And we’ve got several “just the things”
These owls are wise, they’ll keep your cash
A pretty hiding spot – cha-ching!

7. Pipi Mā plushes ($30)

Ka mau te wehi! Our awesome friends
They’re favourite things, they get snapped up
Te Reo for your Christmas tree
Ngā mihi, thank you very much

8. The Amazing Quizbot ($20)

Now here’s one for the grandparents
A blast from 1950s past
It’s been updated, new name and such
But possibilities are still vast

9. Spy Pens ($9)

Our current age has new concerns
With secrets to be kept indeed!
These spy pens help you maintain yours
With ink that only you can read!

10. Ceramic Bobble-head Elves ($10)

The Elves are back to help with all
The presents and to decorate
Our Santa’s Cave for its big day
It’s opening soon, so don’t be late!

12. Exclusive Plush Kittens ($20)

The kittens dance in Santa’s Cave
And this year come back to the shop
So cute! So plush! You’ll want one more
Or two or three – help, I can’t stop!

If all you have to spend is time
We’re still the place you’ll want to stay
Our shows, our programmes, all such fun
So come and join us, day after day