They say it’s your birthday

6 Mar

Meet our bearded dragon Ahi at your birthday party

Children love coming to Te Manawa. KidsTM is consistently one of the museum’s most popular “exhibition”, and the Imagination Playspace in the atrium is always alive with creativity. And of course Brick Flicks has been immensely popular over the summer!

Te Manawa is also available as a birthday party venue.

The aim is to remove the hassle of organising and hosting a birthday party. Te Manawa takes care of all the setting up and packing away, allowing kids and their families to focus on the business of having fun.

There’s a choice of themes for each party that incorporate different activities around the museum; Te Manawa staff will advise what is available at time of booking. Pick dinosaurs and kids will be off to the Dino Dig to search for fossils. Choose reptiles and they’ll get face to face with the museum’s bearded dragon, Ahi. More themes are in the works, and families are able to organise and bring their own.

While the museum doesn’t provide the food for the party, facilities for refrigerating and heating food are available. Experience has shown that simple snacks are best, as kids will be focused on running around and doing activities rather than eating!

Parties have the option of being self-directed, or a Te Manawa visitor host can act as a “ring master” and guide children through the party’s activities. The museum has a stereo available too, compatible with USB sticks and most phones.

For full details, call Te Manawa on 0800 4 A MUSEUM and speak with one of our visitor hosts.