A Christmas Shopping List

13 DecCommunity / Events

When Christmas looms with no ideas
Or presents inspiration lacks
Don’t fret! Don’t fear! We’re here to help!
Te Manawa takes up the slack

A shopping list we’ve here prepared
All things which will delight and charm
You’re guaranteed to get your dose
Of Christmas cheer to keep you warm.

1. Plush Kittens

The kittens are a favourite sight
They waltz ‘neath mother’s watchful eye
Around they go, eternal dance
A Christmas gift for you and I!

blog - Kittens

2. Bobble-Head Elves

Santa needs some strong right hands
To make those parcels for your shelf
Their cheeky grins and bobble heads
So cute! Who doesn’t want an elf?

blog - Elves

3. 2018 Te Manawa Calendar

When keeping time throughout the year
Allow the toys of yesterday
From TM’s large collected store
To guide you on your ’18 way

blog - Calendar

4. Monkey Band Shirts

The Monkey Band has jammed through time
They’re older than the Stones’ grey hairs
You’ve seen the gig, so get the shirt
And tell your children you were there

blog - Monkey band shirt

5. LEGO Kits

The world’s most brilliant toy is here
In all its forms most versatile
When LEGO’s in the Christmas sock
It’s sure to bring the biggest smile

blog - Lego

6. Heat-Sensitive Mugs

Your Uncle Keith is still convinced
that climate change is just fake news
This heat-change mug will set him straight
Sea levels rise with every brew

blog - Heat mug

7. Native Bird Plushes

Our native birds take many forms
Their colours bright, their plumage lush
With Kākā, Kiwi and Kōkako too
Could anyone refuse this plush?

blog - Bird plush

8. Rainbow Pins

The Aussies got their heads on right
Now Cousin Frank can marry too!
A rainbow pin shows your support
With yellow, orange, red and blue

blog - Rainbow

9. Brain Teasers

If Dad will hog the newspaper
And keep the crosswords for his own
You need a different challenge, sure
Gifts like these your brain will hone

blog - Puzzle

10. Mystery Fun

It’s yellow and its wacky grin
Does not reveal its purpose, so…
What is it for? What does it do?
Don’t know, but still, give it a go!

blog - Yellow thing

If all you have to spend is time
We’re still the place you’ll want to stay
Our shows, our programmes, all such fun
So come and join us, day after day