Shoot for the moon

23 SepCommunity / Events

This Photo Contest is now closed. Thanks to all of our wonderful entries. You can see our winners here.

Have you ever looked at one of those pictures in National Geographic and been inspired to take your own?

Te Manawa is giving you a chance to show your images to the world. We’re excited to announce the “Your Greatest Photo” contest, an opportunity to submit your best shot and be in to win a year’s subscription to National Geographic.

Now you may look at your old Box Brownie or simple point-and-shoot digital camera and wonder how you’re ever going to take a photo that can stand up to one taken by a professional photographer, someone festooned with expensive cameras and lenses.

While top-quality gear lets you excel at certain kinds of photography, it doesn’t help you compose a great shot, or capture a timeless moment. Some of the most iconic photos in history were taken by people who had only the simplest of equipment – just ask Françoise Demulder, the first woman to win the World Press Photo of the Year award in 1976; or Robert Capa, who was in the landing craft when the ramps went down at Omaha Beach.

Even “right place, right time” can go out the window. In 1959 Burt Glinn showed up late to the Lincoln Memorial, yet found that behind the visiting Nikita Krushchev, rather than in front like everyone else, was the place to be.

Full details, including categories and how to enter, along with terms and conditions, can be found at www.temanawa.co.nz/photo.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

WwOl62BhRob Mildon was born with a camera in his hand. He still uses it, even though it is very tiny.