Stories - September 2015
Ngā Kōrero


Art wall for all

29 SepCommunity

The rattle of a spraycan and the hiss of paint are not usually sounds that Palmy walls are keen to hear, followed as they typically are by some ugly sprayed scribble or other. Now Te Manawa has...

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Shoot for the moon

23 SepCommunity / Events

This Photo Contest is now closed. Thanks to all of our wonderful entries. You can see our winners here. Have you ever looked at one of those pictures in National Geographic and been inspired...

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Zen and the Art of Ceramic Storage

8 SepCollections / Exhibitions

Contrary to what they may tell you, the people who look after all the precious items in museum collections do not spring fully formed from Zeus’ forehead. They must be trained. In the Heritage...

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