Stories - July 2015
Ngā Kōrero


Capturing the World

24 JulCommunity / Exhibitions

When I was growing up, there was a big bookshelf along the wall of my room, within arm’s reach of my bed. It sagged a bit in the middle, under the sheer weight of the National Geographics with...

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Tunes from the Trenches

14 JulExhibitions / Touring Shows

Most of us will never have any idea what it is like to leave home and head off to war, or to farewell loved ones doing the same. In the early 20th century though, New Zealanders knew the feeling...

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Walking in a Short-Wavelength Wonderland

1 JulCommunity / Events

There are lasers painting a multi-coloured constellation on the atrium ceiling. Bathed in red and purple light, I get into the swing of things, offering up my arm to be drawn on in invisible ink....

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