Ngā Kōrero


The need for speed

15 FebExhibitions / Learning and Discovery

It would have left a Tyrannosaurus in the dust, and even pipped Usain Bolt at the post. One of the dinosaur world’s great speedsters, the More FM Ornithomimus got its pace from its long legs and...

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Join the club!

8 FebEvents / Learning and Discovery

Not every herbivorous dinosaur had a defensive arsenal like that of Triceratops. Its “shield and spikes” ensemble was a bit all-or-nothing: if the predator managed to get past it, you were...

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Dreams of sushi

1 FebExhibitions / Learning and Discovery

Connoisseurs of Japanese food, or those who have dined on the East Coast, will know the delights of raw fish. Baryonyx, the second-largest of the beasts in Dinosaur Encounter, knew what we and...

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If you want peace, prepare for war

25 JanExhibitions / Learning and Discovery

So you’re a peaceful herbivore who loves to nosh on the juicy low-lying vegetation of what, in 65 million years, will become the Midwest of North America. The bad news is that you happen to...

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It’s good to be the king

18 JanExhibitions / Learning and Discovery

It’s the late Cretaceous. North America is divided in two and Europe is just a bunch of islands. There’s a massive asteroid on a collision course with the planet, but what does...

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The light of reflected glory

25 NovExhibitions

The main exhibition space of Te Manawa’s Gallery building has been transformed into a twilight of bright colour, its purposely dark interior lit only by the glowing neon of ATA: a third...

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Here be dragons

27 OctCommunity / Learning and Discovery

In this post, Te Manawa live keeper Mia explains the "small but perfectly formed" thinking behind the home of Ahi, our bearded dragon. Reptiles are very different from your average cat or...

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The town’s gowns

19 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Jill White, who was mayor of Palmerston North from 1998-2001, about the robes of office, now on display in our Nova exhibition. This interview can also be listened to on our

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A blanket solution

16 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Ernie Norris, who worked at Ralta and design a number of electric appliances now on display in our Nova exhibition. This interview can also be listened to on our Radio page...

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Phone is where the heart is

16 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Dr Bob O'Driscoll about his experience with one of the first iPhones bought in the world, in 2008. That very phone is now on display as part of the Nova exhibition. This...

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Roof work  

The corridors of history

26 Aug

"It's about nine different buildings all Sellotaped together" Our Atrium has filled with scaffolding and work is well underway on replacing the skylight there, it’s a good time to dig into...

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HumEx - Wall  

Let’s face it

22 AugExhibitions

  If the eyes are the windows to the soul, that makes the face the front of the house, and we know what’s happening to the housing market these day. Faces are very valuable. John Lawrence...

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