Social Studies/ Tikanga a-Iwi Technology/ Hangarau

Hands-on programmes using current exhibitions, museum collection items and many other resources. All explore the past in some way, and relate it to students' own knowledge and experiences. They offer plenty of opportunities for object-based, enquiry-based learning.
Programmes are adaptable to your specific needs. It may also be possible to develop a particular learning experience for your group.

Contact Anne Gordon our Heritage educator on 06 3555000 to discuss options or email Anne

  • Pioneer NZ


    What was everyday life like in the late 1800s / early 1900s? Students will experience the clothing, homes, games and chores common to the time. You will learn to make butter, pikelets and do the laundry using objects and replicas from the period.

    Teacher resource: pdf PIONEER NZ (0.05MB) 

    Special Requirements: Adult ratio of 1:6
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    •Old School Days
    •Toys and Games Through Time
    •Life in the 1950s

  • Life in the 1950s
    LIFE IN THE 1950s

    What was life like in the fifties? Students experience the technologies, clothing, breakfast and shopping routines of life in the 1950s. They will shop, experience aspects of school learning, games and meal routines (breakfast) using objects from the times. The interactive experience will also include specific examples of technology such as a working wringer washing machine and record player. For many students this is what it was like for their grandparents growing up.

    Teacher Resource:  pdf LIFE IN THE 1950s (0.05MB) 

    Special Requirements: Adult ratio 1:6
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    •Old School Days
    •Toys and Games Through Time

  • Old School Days
    Old School Days

    Students experience school life in an authentic early 1900s schoolroom with the educator in role as teacher. Using a strict disciplinary approach appropriate to the period, the teacher has the students explore the three ‘R's: Reading Writing and Arithmetic.
    School yard games can also be added to the session. Weather permitting.

    Teacher Resource: pdf OLD SCHOOL DAYS (0.06MB) 

    Special Requirements:Some younger students have difficulty coping with the discipline, and may get upset. It is preferred that the class teacher comforts the student, leaving the educator free to continue the role playing.

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    •Pioneer NZ
    •Life in the 1950s
    •Toys and Games Through Time

  • Toys and Games

    Toys and Games Through Time

    Students explore and play with a range of toys and games from ancient to modern times, from individual to team games, originating from many countries.

    Teacher Resource: pdf TOYS & GAMES (0.12MB) 

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    •Pioneer NZ
    •Life in the 1950s
    •Old School Days

  • Nga Momo Takaro (Games)

    A discussion about the games of today including comparing and contrasting them with more traditional games. Students then work in groups through a series of stations trying out a variety of games.

    Special Requirements: Adult supervision will be required with some of the games
    Related Programmes:Toys and Games Through Time

  • Changing Face of the Square


    Class Level: Year 6 - Year 10
    Programme Duration: 2 hours
  • Te Marae o Hine

    Explore and discover the historical significance of Palmerston North's Square (weather permitting).

  • Hanga Taputapu (Tool Making)

    A demonstration of the making and use of stone tools, and their trade.

    (For safety reasons, it is not possible for students to make their own tools)


  • Flax.jpg
    Learn about harakeke (flax), the master fibre, looking at traditional and modern usage. Students learn basic weaving techniques and make their own masterpiece to take away.