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Use unique resources and exciting hands-on activities to inspire students in many aspects of science and technology.

Programmes are adaptable to your specific needs. Contact Barbara Arnold or Keith Young our Science educators on 06 355 5000 to discuss options or email Barbara

primary EDUCATION programmes

•Bodies and Bones
•Dinosaur Dig
•Fizzing and Foaming
•Hot and Cold

•Perfect Little Planet Show

Secondary EDUCATION programmes

•Gel Electrophoresis

  • Bodies and Bones

    Bodies AND Bones

    Become a skeleton detective!
    Investigate different animal skeletons and skulls.

    Teacher Resource:  pdf BODIES & BONES (0.05MB) 

    Related Programmes: Te Manawa loan kit - Human Skeleton


  • Dini Dig Header 

    Dino Dig Footer

    Dinosaur Dig

    Become a fossil hunter and uncover secrets of the world of dinosaurs! Dinosaur Dig uses the outdoor dig site.

    Teacher resource: pdf DINOSAUR DIG (0.05MB) 

    Special Requirements:Please note that digging for fossils is dusty! Children need to be dressed appropriately for working outside i.e. warm clothing and sun safety considerations.

    If the weather is not suitable for working outside a modified programme will be provided indoors.

  • Fizzing and foaming
    Fizzing and Foaming

    Enjoy hands on experiments making gases and investigating chemical reactions. Students practise the scientific skills of observation, measurement and prediction.

    Teacher resource: pdf FIZZING & FOAMING (0.05MB) 

    Related Programmes:Hot and Cold


    Investigate the effects of temperature on substances with a range of hands on experiments .

    This programme can be brought to your school as an outreach activity.

    Teacher Resource: pdf HOT & COLD (0.05MB) 

    Possible Focus Topics:

  • Pefect Little Planet


    Imagine you could take the ultimate space holiday - where would you go to find the ideal place?

    In "Perfect Little Planet," a family from another star system is doing just that - looking for the perfect holiday spot as they travel through our solar system. Join them and see the solar system from a different point of view. Soar over the surface of Pluto, sail through the beautiful rings of Saturn and dare the ferocious lightening storms at Jupiter. You'll feel as though you're actually there - and best of all, no 3D glasses required!

    For space travellers of all ages    

    Running Time: 36 minutes


    See the show inside the ComputerCare Cosmodome - inflatable planetarium. We can also bring the ComputerCare Cosmodome to you.

  • Star Lab

    Star Lab

    Discover the night sky in Te Manawa's inflatable and portable planetarium. See constellations, planets and other observable features of the night sky. We can bring StarLab to you.

    Teacher Resource: pdf STAR LAB (0.09MB) 

    Programme Objectives:
    •Make observations about and recognise patterns in the night sky
    Numbers of Students: Maximum 30
    Class Level: 4years old - adult
    Programme Duration:
    4 years old to Year 6 - 1 hour
    Year 7 to adult - 1 hour 15mins
    Special Requirements:
    Being inside StarLab can be very exciting and can be spoilt by lots of noise. Please bring along enough adults to monitor student behaviour.

    StarLab can be shortened to fit in with secondary school timetables. The time will affect the programme, so it is vital that teachers let educators know what their students' needs are.
    Possible Focus Topics:
    Apparent movement of objects in the sky,
    Constellations and observable features
    Related Programmes:Matariki (Maori New Year) Available May, June and July

  • MirrorMagic