Manawatū Journeys

Themed around the concept of 'journeys'; this exhibition focuses on the experiences of the many peoples who have made Manawatū« their home. This exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity to recreate 'slices of life' from the past that students can experience in our education programmes.

Programmes are adaptable to your specific needs. Contact Anne Gordon our Heritage educator on (06) 355 5000 to discuss options or email Anne

  • Exploring Evidence
    Exploring Evidence
    Become an investigator and learn how to use objects to tell their story. Students explore how technology, materials and design have changed through time.

    Teacher Resource: pdf EXPLORING EVIDENCE (0.05MB) 

  • Kiwiana

    KIWIANA -  A Sense of identity

    What makes us Kiwi? Students explore our customs and traditions, famous New Zealanders, iconic symbols and experience life in the 1950s.

    Teacher Resource: pdf KIWIANA-A SENSE OF IDENTITY (0.05MB) 

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