Manawa,Te Manawa Mascot

My name is Manawa.  I am Te Manawas mascot. I have tons of friends here and it's such a cool place with lots of action. But I better tell you more about myself! I am a Whio or Blue Duck and I am very special! We Whios usually live in streams and waterways across New Zealand. We love swimming in rapids. That's where we find our food, little insects and bugs - yum! It's not easy swimming in fast water but we love the challenge and guess what, we are great paddlers! We like really clean water and we are very scared of predators as they steal our eggs and kill our ducklings. Thats why there are not many Whios anymore. The water is often too dirty for us and too many creepy predators try to scare us. We need everyone's help to fight off our enemies and to keep our habitat safe. We want to stay around for as long as possible to remain part of New Zealand's native wild life! So, do you want to help us? Here is more information on us and how you can help

Come and visit my home at Te Manawa. You will have heaps of fun!

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