Health / Hauora

Use unique resources and hands-on activities to explore topics related to healthy eating and personal identity.

Programmes are adaptable to your specific needs. Contact educator Anne Gordon on 06 355 5000 to discuss options or email Anne

Primary education programmes

•Bodies and Bones
•Kiwiana - A Sense of Identity
Body in Action

  • Bodies and Bones
    Bodies and Bones

    Become a skeleton detective investigating different animal skeletons and skulls, and the role bones play as part of an animal's body. Compare exoskeletons and endoskeletons; explore how our bones help us and what can be done to keep them healthy.

    Teacher Resource: pdf Bodies and Bones (0.05MB) 

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  • Kiwiana

    Kiwiana - A sense of Identity

    What makes us Kiwi? Students explore our customs and traditions, famous New Zealanders, iconic symbols and experience life in the 1950s.

    Teacher Resource: pdf Kiwiana (0.13MB) 

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    (Not currently AVAILABLE)

    The show that puts your body to the test.

    Explore the amazing workings of your body and learn how to keep it healthy in this interactive programme utilising the fun Body in Action exhibition developed at Te Manawa.

    Imagine walking up steps through a wide open mouth, sliding down the throat and ending up in the stomach of an enormous walk=on board game ...

    Teacher Resource: pdf BODY IN ACTION TEACHER RESOURCE (0.05MB) 

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