Biscuits and Bullets

Baking and a dusty suitcase of memories combine to tell a moving story about one family's loss in World War One.

Te Manawa is bringing back an Anzac Day favourite with two very special performances of Anna Bailey's "Biscuits and Bullets", a WWI puppet show. The show was designed to accompany the "Farewell Zealandia - Forgotten Kiwi Songs of WWI" exhibition, developed and toured by Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History in partnership with Musical heritage New Zealand.

The show incorporates some of the music used in "Farewell Zealandia" to help tell the story of one family's experience of War. Wellington-based puppeteer Anna Bailey has drawn on both research from letters and accounts of the first world war and her great-grandfather's letters home.

The puppet show uses a combination of a human-sized puppet, string puppets and shadow puppets, and biscuit dough.