Paul Harvey Light out of Darkness

Light out of darkness. Paintings to the poetry of the Rig Veda is a series of paintings by the Manawatū artist Paul Harvey, that draws on the Rig Veda - a visionary poetic text of ancient India, to address the relevance of the Vedic spiritual tradition to contemporary consciousness. The expressionistic form of these paintings carries a symbolist content in the Vedic gods, who stand for both cosmic forces and qualities in human consciousness.

Harvey began the works under the influence of his own meditation practice, which he claims enabled him to relate to, and verify, the contents of the Rig Veda. As a painter Harvey sees himself as within an ancient and worldwide tradition of 'spiritual art' that is concerned with the deepest levels of human experience. "I paint to free myself from ignorance, to make a light in the darkness"

On Thursday 21 February Paul Harvey will be at Te Manawa for an Artist Talk. It will be an informal and relaxed conversation where the public can listen to Indian music and hear about Indian spirituality as a subject for painting. Tony Martin, meditation teacher and friend of the artist, will be part of the session. 

On Sunday 24 March and Saturday 13 April there will be film screenings on an animated version of the epic Indian tale of Ramayana. For more details click here.

Lead image courtesy: Paul Harvey (2011), Releasing the Light.