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Ngā Kōrero


The town’s gowns

19 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Jill White, who was mayor of Palmerston North from 1998-2001, about the robes of office, now on display in our Nova exhibition. This interview can also be listened to on our

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A blanket solution

16 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Ernie Norris, who worked at Ralta and design a number of electric appliances now on display in our Nova exhibition. This interview can also be listened to on our Radio page...

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Phone is where the heart is

16 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Dr Bob O'Driscoll about his experience with one of the first iPhones bought in the world, in 2008. That very phone is now on display as part of the Nova exhibition. This...

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HumEx - Wall  

Let’s face it

22 AugExhibitions

  If the eyes are the windows to the soul, that makes the face the front of the house, and we know what’s happening to the housing market these day. Faces are very valuable. John Lawrence...

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Inspired By  

Finding your muse

3 AugCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Creative Journeys members (from left) Alain Ndicunguye, Lily Harper, Tania Wildbore, Sally McGovern and Conrad Ryan, in front of “We Belong”, a piece that they and more than 30 others...

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Frida - Kali, Hilda and Lyndee-Jane  

Photographs and Pineapple Lumps

22 JunEvents / Exhibitions

Kali Kopae, Hilda Trujillo and Lyndee-Jane Rutherford at Te Manawa Wellington-based actor and director Lyndee-Jane Rutherford came to the opening of Frida Kahlo - Her Photos in March. Now,...

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Cave weta  

Growing pains

16 JunExhibitions / Learning and Discovery

One of our cave weta was captured on camera shedding its skin, so our live exhibits keeper Mia is here to tell us a bit more about this shy, secluded species Cave weta are pretty unique and...

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Ewan McDougall feature image  

Paintings from the flipside

6 MayExhibitions

Ewan McDougall didn’t make his start as an artist until later in life. His youth was high-octane, high-speed, and often just plain high, a place where a discipline like painting had little...

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High voltage  

High-voltage history

23 MarExhibitions

Have you ever heard the diesel generators of the Keith Street Power Station? It’s an astounding experience: the thunder of those two British Polar K48M engines rattles your ribs, and the sound...

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Nga Korero - Massey practicum  

Zen and the Art of Ceramic Storage

8 SepCollections / Exhibitions

Contrary to what they may tell you, the people who look after all the precious items in museum collections do not spring fully formed from Zeus’ forehead. They must be trained. In the Heritage...

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BBB opening  

Rugby Tales of Old

28 AugCommunity / Events / Exhibitions

It’s obvious from the moment you approach the Te Manawa complex that rugby and history are deeply interconnected here. The statue of Charles Monro greets you, captured as he accelerates across a...

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Nat Geo, Moscow, 800x440  

Capturing the World

24 JulCommunity / Exhibitions

When I was growing up, there was a big bookshelf along the wall of my room, within arm’s reach of my bed. It sagged a bit in the middle, under the sheer weight of the National Geographics with...

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