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The town’s gowns

19 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Jill White, who was mayor of Palmerston North from 1998-2001, about the robes of office, now on display in our Nova exhibition. This interview can also be listened to on our

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A blanket solution

16 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Ernie Norris, who worked at Ralta and design a number of electric appliances now on display in our Nova exhibition. This interview can also be listened to on our Radio page...

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Phone is where the heart is

16 SepCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Te Manawa interviews Dr Bob O'Driscoll about his experience with one of the first iPhones bought in the world, in 2008. That very phone is now on display as part of the Nova exhibition. This...

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Inspired By  

Finding your muse

3 AugCollections / Community / Exhibitions

Creative Journeys members (from left) Alain Ndicunguye, Lily Harper, Tania Wildbore, Sally McGovern and Conrad Ryan, in front of “We Belong”, a piece that they and more than 30 others...

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Untitled - Cover  

Let’s make some future

26 MayCommunity / Events / Learning and Discovery

The speeches are over, and the student body has diffused out into Te Manawa's corners, to different pockets of zine-making creativity, hands poised, tools at the ready, minds afire with the...

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Free Wall Siren  

Art wall for all

29 SepCommunity

The rattle of a spraycan and the hiss of paint are not usually sounds that Palmy walls are keen to hear, followed as they typically are by some ugly sprayed scribble or other. Now Te Manawa has...

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Website feature image  

Shoot for the moon

23 SepCommunity / Events

This Photo Contest is now closed. Thanks to all of our wonderful entries. You can see our winners here. Have you ever looked at one of those pictures in National Geographic and been inspired...

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BBB opening  

Rugby Tales of Old

28 AugCommunity / Events / Exhibitions

It’s obvious from the moment you approach the Te Manawa complex that rugby and history are deeply interconnected here. The statue of Charles Monro greets you, captured as he accelerates across a...

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Gareth Williams for MIAB  

Thinking inside the Box

12 AugCollections / Community

Where were you when the Queen came to town? For many, Queen Elizabeth’s 1954 tour of New Zealand was the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s estimated that three quarters of all New Zealanders...

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Nat Geo, Moscow, 800x440  

Capturing the World

24 JulCommunity / Exhibitions

When I was growing up, there was a big bookshelf along the wall of my room, within arm’s reach of my bed. It sagged a bit in the middle, under the sheer weight of the National Geographics with...

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For Science  

Walking in a Short-Wavelength Wonderland

1 JulCommunity / Events

There are lasers painting a multi-coloured constellation on the atrium ceiling. Bathed in red and purple light, I get into the swing of things, offering up my arm to be drawn on in invisible ink....

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A Matter of Light and Death

26 MayCommunity / Events

For the Mesoamerican people, the astronomer was a person who tossed his eyes to the sky, and the stars were the eyes of the sky. The Aztec sun stone – also known as the calendar stone – is...

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